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Belt-driven IGUS camera slider

Motorized IGUS camera slider

DIY video tools

This is a collection of tools I built to help my video efforts. Each project was created with the following goals in mind:
  1. Reduce cost by DIY over purchasing a tool with identical functionality

  2. Create a professional looking tool - clients must have confidence in your tools as well as your abilities

  3. Use as many off-the shelf parts as possible and repurpose them for the build - a finished part (cut, bent, anodized, etc.) will improve the appearance of the final build over attempting to manufacture a similar part yourself.

  4. Minimize the amount of machinning required to the bare minimum  - I try to limit the labor on each project to as few cuts as possible, drilling and tapping holes.
These projects writeups are not intended to be used as step-by-step tutorials for completing the build, rather they're meant to act as ideas to be incorporated into projects for those who have DIY experience and tools.

The following tools are an absolute necessity for the DIY builder:

Drill Press
10" miter saw and 10" metal cutting blade
Drill and Tap set

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